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Friday August 17, 2007 1:16 pm

Reese and Ryan’s Romance

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Reese WitherspoonAcademy-award winning has been stealing cinematic hearts since she appeared, with Marky Mark, in Fear. It was only natural this blonde hottie would hook up with a tow-headed hunk, and the marriage between Reese Witherspoon and seemed to be made in Hollywood. Then, the break up. But could this gorgeous pair of exes be working toward reconciliation? According to the gossip columnists, the two are attempting to work out their difficulties and have been dating in secret – being quite careful not to get caught in the act. Press reps for both camps did not comment on the possibility, which isn’t to say it doesn’t exist. Press reps can be terribly close-mouthed at times. So, if Reese really is working it out with Ryan…where does that leave her with Jake Gynllenhaal, the up-and-coming Hollywood hottie who’s been seen in her frequent company?

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Officially, they’re just friends. But the tabloids have been all over their appearances together, and speculation has been rampant. But, it’s hard for any actress to appear at the side of any actor without being speculated upon. Rumors begin, gossip flies, and when the ink on the divorce papers is fresh, anything’s bound to get said.

The truth is, sure, it’s hard to have a relationship when you’re in the public eye. But guess what? You wanted to be there. If you want to collect the multi-million dollar paychecks and have your name light up the marquis, people are going to want to know what you’re doing in your personal life. Some stars, like Britney Spears, get destroyed by it. Others, like Elizabeth Taylor, make a full-time career out of it (and marriage, too). Are Reese and Ryan headed for reconcile? Honestly, the tabloids are probably going to have it figured out before they do.



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