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Thursday January 10, 2008 2:56 pm

Reality Renewals: ‘The Mole’ and ‘The Two Coreys’

The Two CoreysAt what point did become less about Arts and more about Entertainment?  The cable channel - which already boasts quality programs like - has just chosen to bring back the , starring and .  (Apparently it takes more than one season for those Lost Boys to talk about their glory years.) 

This spring, the horribly-painful-to-watch series promies to bring “more drama, tension and laughs as they struggle to make their relationship and careers work.”  Wasn’t that the theme last year?  I’d think it would be safe to blame the for this renewed interest in their sad lives.  As much as I enjoyed watching Haim cry about not having a girlfriend in his life, I don’t think I could do it again.  Well, maybe….

Meanwhile, is dusting off one of their own reality classics: .  (I don’t think that revival will ever reach -proportions.)  The only reason I fondly remember the series was because it brought into the primetime spotlight long before he was deemed a credible news source.  (Prior to that, I had been admiring him during the pre-dawn hours on .)

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As for the reality competition itself?  The Mole - which was around in the early 2000’s - was like a hybrid of , a trivia/immunity challenge and To Tell The Truth.  Had it not been so hard to miss an episode of that series, I might not have struggled to catch on.  That may be why the producers will apparently be “simplifying” the series for this summer’s installment.  Unfortunately, without Anderson Cooper back in the driver’s seat, I don’t think I’d really care either way.



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