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Monday July 23, 2007 3:32 pm

Ramsay’s Kitchen Dish

Gordon Ramsay This month, TV Guide is highlighting the TV chefs that make our mouths water. And which chef has more fire than Gordon Ramsay? The Hell’s Kitchen host recently sat down with TV Guide to give all the dish on his nightmarish kitchen experiences. Ramsay is known for his hot-under-the-collar ‘tude on Hell’s Kitchen, something the chef says is necessary to get the job done. Ramsay, the father of four, says his children won’t follow his habit of prolific swearing, and that there’s a right time and place for using more colorful metaphors. Chef Ramsay discussed his new FOX show,  Kitchen Nightmares, will which debut in the fall. Ramsay was taken aback by the restaurants he found in the States, and says he can’t wait for viewers to see what he encountered while taping the show.

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Ramsay runs about thirty miles each week to keep himself in shape, something he says is essential for being a good chef because of the physical and mental demands of the job. All the running and kitchen-controlling leaves the chef with little time to surf the ‘Net or ponder public opinion of him. He says he’s never Googled himself, and doesn’t “give two ****s what people are writing” about him. At the end of the interview, world class chef Gordon Ramsay said he’s rather “eat a ****ing cow-pie sandwich” than to stop to get a McDonald’s Big Mac. I wonder what the chef would say about a kitchen that put such an item on the menu?

Hell’s Kitchen’s third season is still going strong, giving viewers one way to beat the heat at least. No matter how high the temperature gets outside, Ramsay remains as volatile and fiery inside the kitchen as ever, and that makes even summer’s swelter seem refreshing and cool.



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