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Tuesday October 20, 2009 4:34 pm

Programming Changes for The Weather Channel

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MTV started showing everything but music videos. TLC began giving us household drama (what can we learn from that…avoid family life?). Discovery began airing its own original game show. Now, The Weather Channel is going to start showing movies.

Anything can happen on cable, people.

Of course, the network plans to stick to its main theme by showing flicks which largely feature - what else? - weather phenomenon. Beginning this Friday, TWC will have a movie night. First on deck is the flick A Perfect Storm.

March of the Penguins, Deep Blue Sea and Misery (well, you can only stay on theme up to a certain point) are also on the network’s programming roster.

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Forum Discussion

omg sharky dude ,thats totally like what i feel,I like rainy and foggy days,i just don't like the sun.I can't tolerate the heat,i like cold,i should live in scandinavia

[quote author="BuckeyeFanatic25" date="1212547154"]Personally, I love it when its in the low 60s, theres a slight breeze, and its party cloudy. Its warm enough that you can wear shorts and short sleeves, but not so hot that you are dripping in sweat every time you go out to do something. Share your ideal weather![/quote] Ah, just the type of weather I like too. I like the kind of weather where it's not too hot or cold and that the wind is actually there. Not crazy, blasting wind, but a nice wind where you can say "Ahhh..." I think weather totally depends on my mood too, haha and I'll explain why. I think when I wake up and I feel awesome, I can endure any type of weather out there. If it's raining, I'll splash around outside, look at some worms and play with my rainjacket. If I wake up and I feel gloomy and terrible, then well, I probably won't like the rainy weather that much. However, for most days, I do like the nice, calm day where everything is "perfect" in my opinion. I think getting fresh air is wonderful, even if you're stuck inside all day, open up some windows and let a little breeze into the house.

i like it when its about fall when its not to cold and not to hot. and i dont like rainy weather either. i like it when its sunny and bright out.

i like spring and fall weather because it not too hot or too cold.

i love it when there are fast winds, sharp gusts and rain when its nice and dark and rainy =D i prefer the gloomy weather, because i like the sound of rain against the house, and the rolling of thunder... the occasional flash of lighting are a pleasant suprise and power outs bring a little variety to the average boring day

I just love the sunshine, I just love doing out doors activities.

i dont understand that, dont people get annoyed by sun getting in their face? or getting hot and needing to stand in front of a fan? (like i am now btw lol) those are the 2 reasons i hate sunny days most, but theres a huge list

well i love the summer and spring season .in this season the weather is perfect ..cool winds with some what warm feeling around you and you are very comofrtable.... signature----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [url=http://www.exam-builder.com/HP0-J22.htm]HP0-J22 exam[/url]l[url=http://www.exam-builder.com/JN0-342.htm]JN0-342 exam[/url]l[url=http://www.exam-builder.com/XK0-002.htm]XK0-002 exam[/url]

i love it when there are fast winds, sharp gusts and rain when its nice and dark and rainy =D

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