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Thursday September 25, 2008 12:28 pm

Priestley and Perry Returning to 90210?

Jason PriestleyLuke Perry

When news of the new series broke, fans dreamed of seeing Luke Perry, Jason Priestley and Tori Spelling reunited onscreen with Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth. Each one, however, said they wouldn’t be involved with the show…at least, not yet. But Brandon Walsh and Dylan McKay may be closer to the show than we think.

According to , both characters will be a big part of next Tuesday’s episode “Model Behavior.” This installment to the story airs September 30, and could introduce a few new twists and turns to the plot.

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In the episode, Brenda Walsh will talk more about brother Brandon and reveal some juicy details. Reports also say that Brenda will receive a call from one Dylan McKay, as she apparently keeps in touch with both men regularly. Dylan will speak to both Brenda and Kelly, and the two women confront each other after the phone call is over.

A teaser for the show, among other tidbits, offers that “Kelly is contacted by an old friend,” which could reference the phone call. The next week’s episode (airing October 7), “Hollywood Forever” offers no mention of Kelly or Brenda in the teaser.


Listen, the writers behind 90210 don’t necessarily need Priestley and Perry on the set to keep Brandon and Dylan in the script - or in the story. As far as I’m concerned, they are the story (all that other stuff with the teenagers is just extraneous). By giving the characters juicy plot twists and keeping them very much a topic of discussion, could 90210 slowly be wooing the two reluctant former leads back to their teen drama roots? If the lure of money, hype and working with former co-stars isn’t enough to convince Luke Perry and Jason Priestley to return, how about an interesting story line that will keep everybody talking?

What will it take to get these two on the set?


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