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Saturday May 5, 2007 2:01 pm

Paris Hilton Learns Jail Time Isn’t So Simple

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Paris HiltonCity prosecutors in L.A. are pushing for to be put in jail for probation violations. The multi-million-dollar hotel chain heiress may face forty-five days in the slammer – and no hope of getting a facial behind bars. The hearing will take place Friday afternoon, determining whether or not Hilton is a candidate for lock-up. Paris last saw the inside of a courtroom in January after a September arrest of driving under the influence. It was at this time Paris was given probation, so long as she enrolled herself in an alcohol education program and kept herself out of trouble (and courtrooms) for three years. And yet, barely three months have passed since Hilton stood before a judge.

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Prosecutors have petitioned to revoke Hilton’s probation, but there is some confusion as to what charges will actually be pressed. Paris Hilton’s license had already been suspended in November 2006. When caught speeding in her Bentley in February, Paris was not just in violation of her parole – she was also in violation of the rules imposed by the DMV. It’s possible that Paris could face multiple charges this time around – though her defense team is claiming that Miss Hilton was unaware her license was suspended. The prosecution argues that this is impossible – what, haven’t any of them seen The Simple Life?

Adding to the laundry list of problems for Paris is the fact that she didn’t attend court-ordered alcohol education classes, per the terms of her probation. When she faces the courtroom this week, prosecutors will file as many charges as possible against the heiress, who will in turn have an entire defensive team working to keep her free. Will Paris Hilton, legendary party girl, millionaire, and reality TV star really go to the jail?

If so, there’s no doubt Nicole Richie and E! will be the first to follow her there. I can almost see it now: The Simple Life: Beauties Behind Bars. The fifth season of Paris’s Simple show will premiere on the E! network May 28, Memorial Day. Perhaps Hilton’s lawyers could arrange a special screening for the heiress if, indeed, she is incarcerated at the time.


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