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Thursday December 4, 2008 12:06 am

Paris Hilton and Her New BFF

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MTV didn’t pull any punches when it came to the end of their reality project. First, there was the hour-long reunion show, a spectacle replete with cat fighting and mini-games. Next, there was the drama-infused finale, where Paris was asked to choose a BFF in either Brittany or Vanessa. But wait - there’s more! After the very drawn-out conclusion, MTV aired a 30-minute special showing Hilton’s friends welcoming the new BFF into their midst.

It was two and one-half hours of TV. And I watched it all.

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The reunion focused on the sometimes volatile nature of the BFF mansion and certain contestant personalities, offering up clips, audience participation and of course, the heiress herself. Old rivalries were re-visited, and some seem unable to bury the hatchet even though plenty of time has passed. Toward the end of the special, remaining BFF contenders Brittany and Vanessa were put to the test - literally. Each girl was hooked to a polygraph and asked about her true motives. It was decreed that each told the truth - they genuinely want to be her friend.

But, only one could win. At the end of last night’s finale, it was Brittany who was welcomed to the party, and Vanessa who was politely pointed toward the door. Each girl was dressed in identical outfits and then taken to elimination, where Paris dramatically stalked off the set. “It’s not the right time,” she declared, marching away. A “producer” appeared and ushered both girls away, acting (key word, acting) confused about the whole situation.

I’d forgotten about the skewed view takes on reality programming. Soon enough, the girls were put into separate cars and told to don fancy face masks (that was done for our benefit, so nothing would be revealed too soon). When at last all was revealed, Brittany found herself with a new BFF. Vanessa found herself in tears.

Keyshia Cole, Nicky Hilton, Nick Swardson, Hannah Beth Merjos,  and Kyle Richards-Umansky (Hilton’s aunt) joined Paris to welcome Brittany Flickinger into their group. MTV has announced no plans to continue the show, but Paris is taking her search to an international level. The heiress is currently shooting Paris Hilton’s My New BBF (British Best Friend), which will air on ITV in January.


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