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Monday February 8, 2010 1:21 pm

Conan Envisioned for Letterman, Leno Super Bowl Commercial

If Jay Leno is willing to share his program with Jimmy Kimmel, we shouldn’t be surprised to see him in a Late Show spot…right?

Those not distracted during last night’s game were probably caught off guard by a commercial that only lasted 15 seconds. David Letterman, Oprah and Leno all on the same couch together? WTF?

According to Late Show producer Rob Burnett, the idea for the promo came from Letterman himself. The shoot, which was done in secret at the Ed Sullivan Theatre, came together quickly within the past two weeks. Sadly, audiences missed on a possible fourth guest.

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Burnett told TheWrap, that there was some discussion with Conan O’Brien’s producer about including the redhead in the ad. “There was an initial thought of having Dave, Jay and Conan together in the spot,” Rob revealed. “I did call Jeff Ross [O’Brien’s producer] to talk about it.”

Unfortunately, it appears the ending of Conan’s late-night run might have simply overshadowed the opportunity. “It wasn’t as if they even said no,” Burnett said. “I just think they weren’t in a position to consider it all.”

Jay and Dave will once again face off in the same time period when returns on March 1.



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