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Thursday September 23, 2010 1:14 pm

$#*! My Dad Says Poses DVR Problems

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Curious to know whether the CBS series $#*! My Dad Says is as hilarious as the Twitter feed it’s based upon? Then you might want to double-check your TiVo now.

Although network execs thought symbols would be the smartest way to get around the profanity in the comedy’s real title, they probably didn’t take into account DVRs when they came up with the name. Even if viewers could remember the exact way CBS chose to arrange the characters, they probably wouldn’t be able to find them on their recording devices.

This is why CBS has now provided us with instructions.

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Dear Valued Viewer,

We have a new show premiering this Thursday at 8:30 PM, ET/PT, called . It’s a unique title for a unique show based on a very popular Twitter feed. In fact, the title of the show is so sophisticated that it’s perplexing some DVR search functions that can’t read some symbols.

Obviously, our first choice is that you always watch everything on CBS live; however, we also consider the DVR our friend, providing more opportunities for you to watch our programs amidst your very busy lives.

If you’d like to record $#*! My Dad Says from your DVR, we recommend activating the “record” function by going directly through the program guide on your cable or satellite system. Our research shows most viewers record in this method; but, if you’re one of the few who have had issues with the DVR search function for this show, this alternative offers an easy solution.

$#*! My Dad Says premieres this Thursday, Sept. 23 at 8:30 PM, ET/PT, immediately following The Big Bang Theory (which has no search function issues whatsoever).

Warmest regards,


Although it is possible that you’ll just go straight into $#*! My Dad Says (pronounced Bleep My Dad Says) right after watching Big Bang‘s return tonight, keep this in mind: is now airing at 8:30 PM instead of 9:30 PM.

So now which show are you going to record?

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