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Thursday June 26, 2008 11:46 am

MTV Hills Crew Terrorizes Hollywood Residents

No peace and quiet in Hollywood!

MTV cannot simply settle for irking television viewers like myself with their silly reality shows. They apparently have to frustrate poor Hollywood resident civilians, too.

Filming their prized “reality” stint, The Hills cast and crew have wreaked havoc among their Hollywood neighbors.

As if the unwanted paparazzi crews are not enough of a nuisance, the filming crew apparently takes up most of the street with their equipment trucks, leaving bright lights shining on the house until late at night when the socialites are not even home!

Not surprisingly, despite these and many more claims, an MTV spokesperson defends the production: “MTV is in accordance with all required production permits, and is working with the city of Los Angeles to assist it with neighborhood concerns that have been raised.”

They sure are good liars over there at MTV.

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Access Hollywood

An anonymous resident of the neighborhood submitted a letter from MTV to ease concerns.

The letter is quick to state that they “do not have any equipment trucks, and require no special parking. Our crew is not allowed to park on the streets, and is shuttled to the house in minivans. Our equipment all fits in one van, which we will also not leave on the street. Once we are shooting, our presence will be minimal – we strive to be as invisible as possible,” although the resident went on to explain how this and many other claims are completely false!

Poor residents.



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