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Thursday April 1, 2010 11:44 pm

Modern Family Creator Denies iPad Product Placement

If you flipped the channel to last night, you might have momentarily thought you were watching an infomercial for the iPad. But despite what most of us have guessed, Apple did not ask to be on the program—nor did they pay to be included.

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In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Christopher Lloyd, the show’s co-creator, explained how the product came to be on the show:

“In fact, there was no product placement. This was widely assumed, and everybody was wrong.  We wanted to do a show about Phil getting very excited about a new product and it seemed the perfect one to use, since it was debuting [April 1]. We approached Apple about getting their cooperation (using the product, for example, and they are notoriously secretive about their products prior to their being launched) and they agreed and gave us a few other small concessions. But there were no stipulations as with normal product placement, i.e. we give you X dollars and you have to feature our product such-and-such a way and say such-and-such nice things about it. We are not angels—we have made those agreements with other companies. But that was not the deal with Apple. It was all story-driven.”

In (un)related news, it was just announced today that ABC’s programs will become available on the thanks to a new Disney app that is being released.

I’ll let you decide if that’s a coincidence or not.



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