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Monday June 2, 2008 11:45 pm

Lost’s Harold Perrineau Lands ABC Pilot

Harold Perrineau finds more work on ABC

After making some bitter remarks about his last series, former Lost star Harold Perrineau clearly had no worries, as he has secured a role in an upcoming ABC pilot.

Whether you were disheartened or rejoiced upon his exit on Lost, the Brooklyn native is definitely not without work. The ABC pilot, titled The Unusuals, is a police “dramedy” set in New York (what a surprise!). His character, Leo Banks, is a very agitated and somewhat paranoid detective (he never takes off his kevlar vest).

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The Hollywood Reporter

I found that fact quite amusing, considering Perrineau’s annoyance of his character dying off. Well, as irked as I was by Michael, I have to admit that I was sad to see him go. I’m glad he got more work!

In fact, Harold will be appearing alongside Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorff in the upcoming drama, Felon. He also just completed filming Your Name Here, a biographic film chronicling the life of science fiction author William J. Frick; the film stars Bill Pullman and Taryn Manning.

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