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Wednesday October 17, 2007 11:30 am

Late Night Mix-Up

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Jay LenoIt all started when long-running NBC darling Jay Leno said he was going to retire. The Tonight Show, currently enjoying its fifty-second season on the network, is a show that’s obviously bigger than any one man. So NBC execs immediately started casting about for Leno’s replacement. Early rumors linked Conan O’Brien’s name to the late night variety/talk show, leaving a hosting hole wide open on O’Brien’s gig. Jimmy Fallon became the heir apparent, and Leno’s retirement (not scheduled, by the way, until 2009) seemed a done deal. But now, Jay just might be changing his mind. Sources purporting to be close to the situation say Leno doesn’t want to go, and NBC has answered the rumor. The network says it wants to stick with Leno, and has no intention of giving the show to O’Brien (and collectively, we can all say “whew”). The network is anxious to keep Conan on his regular late gig, which doesn’t bode too well for Fallon’s career.

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Jimmy Fallon would not survive in late night. He barely survives movies, where you catch him maybe 1 to 3 times a year. Couldn't imagine be subjected to him nightly. As far as Conan, being on at an earlier hour would be a huge benefit for him.

Oh, come on. Jimmy could survive late-night! He's really great at turning those awkward silences into really stupid silences. If he runs out of questions for his guest, he can just stare at the camera and giggle until the credits roll! There's gotta be someone better.

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