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Friday July 24, 2009 12:53 am

Katie Holmes’ Anti-Climactic SYTYCD Performance

After weeks of buildup, Katie Holmes’ song and dance number finally aired on tonight. So was it worth all the hype? And did it make me “Get Happy”? Uh, no.

Earlier this month, choreographer Tyce Diorio - a man who has worked with far more talented dancers - dared to call the pre-taped performance “Oscar-winning.”

“The thing that is so awesome is that you won’t know, you don’t know what to expect … but then when you sit and watch it, it’s amazing. Amazing! And it’s not something in my opinion that’s just going to be like ‘oh, how nice.’ It’s not going to be that … ‘oh, look how sweet that is.’ No, it’s real. It’s as real as what you’re seeing now. I’m very proud of it, so I talk really highly of Katie,” Tyce told People magazine.

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While I would not go so far as to call Katie’s dancing horrible, I would say that it was a waste of valuable minutes. Was screen time a prerequisite for her to become a Dizzy Feet Foundation founder? Couldn’t Nigel Lythgoe have alloted that segment to another fan favorite like Katee and Twitch’s “Mercy” number? We could have even seen Mark and Chelsie recreate “Bleeding Love”!

Let me make it clear—we don’t want to see novices dance on SYTYCD. That’s what is for!



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