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Tuesday July 21, 2009 7:55 pm

Katherine Heigl Bashes Grey’s Anatomy…Again

Emmy award-winning actress was relatively unknown before she began drawing notice for her work in Grey’s Anatomy, a medically-themed drama that details the love and working lives of those who work at Seattle Grace Hospital. Now she’s becoming a bit of a household name thanks to her triumphs at award shows and the box office, but Heigl isn’t afraid to speak out against the show that made her a star.

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The actress famously in June 2008, saying she withdrew her name because she “did not feel [she] was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination.” That’s a direct dig at the writing staff of Grey’s. Now, Heigl is lashing out at the crew.

During an appearance on ’s late show, Heigl said her first day back on the Grey’s set was “cruel and mean.” She told the host that she had to work “a seventeen-hour day,” and that “I’m going to keep saying this because I hope it embarrasses them.”

Heigl on Grey’s. For that kind of dough, there are about forty-seven thousand actresses who would work seventeen hour days with nary a word of complaint.


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It is awesome show. I have watched it's mostly all episodes. Now this show is going with latest season.

gud show.

Great show ever.

Grey's Anatomy is a good tv show. I like all the episodes and seasons of this show. In this series, All are mine favorite characters. This show has a good plot and story line which really touch my heart. I love this show a lot.

I like this tv show . Grey’s Anatomy is my favorite tv show . I watch it every episodes that was very amazing and interesting.........

This is my favorite show.iIwatched this show from season one.To be honest it is the brilliant drama series than any other show..

I am regular viewer of this show. Really its an amazing tv show.......

I haven't watch this show yet but i would like to give it a watch.

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