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Friday May 1, 2009 6:56 pm

Jonas Premieres Tomorrow Night: Do You Care?

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Disney’s Jonas, a sitcom starring the , is scheduled to premiere Saturday night. I know what you’re thinking: is it possible for Disney to squeeze in more televised coverage of this trio? Evidently, it is.

But I expect it to be a flop, and that’s not a commentary on their acting abilities. I’d like to present the evident which supports this theory: Disney-viewing kids are, first, already Jonas saturated. They’re also too busy keeping up with Hannah Montana re-runs to worry about that many new shows - and Disney’s summer schedule is always so chock-full of made-for-TV movies it’s hard to realize they actually have serialized programming still running. The Jonas Brothers have also already proved they don’t have -like clout, as their movie performed below expectations at the box office.

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Even if not for all these reasons, I would still expect Jonas to flop - though perhaps not as spectacularly as the first Jonas-toned series Disney invented would have. This show, titled J.O.N.A.S, was delayed and eventually canned during the writer’s strike. In this, the boys were to play High School-age secret agents who dressed in disguise to avoid being spotted by fans.

The new Jonas is little better. This High School romp will feature “musical interludes” and the brothers play the Lucas family, who have a band named Jonas. Two female platonic characters will round out the kid-based cast, and even with strong dialogue the show sounds a little too generic to survive when other teen-based shows are offering up so much delicious drama in the summer season.


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