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Wednesday April 21, 2010 10:45 am

VIDEO: Jon Stewart’s Message to FOX News

The ongoing war between Bernie Goldberg, FOX News contributor and frequent guest on O’Reilly Factor, and Jon Stewart, late-night Comedy Central variety show host, just got hilarious…though there’s probably zero chance that FOX News will find it so. It all started, according to Stewart, when he told FOX News to “go [expletive deleted] themselves” on his April 19 installment of .

Goldberg fired back during one of his visits to O’Reilly (Papa Bear to Stephen Colbert fans), calling a “funnyman” who only wants to crack jokes before an audience. “But if, clearly, you want to be a social commentator…you better find some guts,” Goldberg addressed his comments directly to Stewart.

On his April 20 show, Stewart had plenty to say in response to Bernie Goldberg - and by extension, everyone at FOX News.

“Comedians do social commentary through comedy,” Stewart explained in his reply to Bernie Goldberg, which he offered up monologue-fashion at the top of his show. “I have not moved out of the comedian’s box into the news box. The news box is moving towards me.”

Jon Stewart continued in the same vein, interspersing his comments with Goldberg’s so he could reply to each point appropriately. “You can’t criticize me for not being fair and balanced. That’s your slogan - which, by the way, you never follow!”

Stewart’s response was filled with plenty of laughs (including a funny exchange between the host and a purported audience member), but at the core of his speech he made a very salient point: doesn’t really, honestly cover the news with an unjaundiced eye.

“I know I criticize you and FOX News a lot, but only because you’re a terrible, cynical and disingenuous news organization,” Jon Stewart explained his motive for repeatedly attacking the network - a point which I find to be extremely valid.

Stewart’s response to Goldberg soon evolved into a song-and-dance number that was absolutely hysterical to watch. While accompanied by a full choir chanting his words, Stewart danced about on stage crying “Go [expletive deleted] yourselves!” to FOX News.

Can’t wait to see them show that clip on the network. If you want to see all eleven minutes of the very funny Daily Show segment, just watch the video at the top of the article.



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