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Tuesday March 2, 2010 5:34 pm

Jay Leno’s Second Tonight Show Debut

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opened his return to The Tonight Show with a Wizard of Oz montage which featured a surprise cameo from Betty White. He would need the star power, as his guest list for the night wasn’t all that amazing.

“I’m Jay Leno, your host. At least for a while,” he shot his opening volley, made a reference to “Dave” Letterman and “Oprah” Winfrey and made a few fast-paced Olympic quips. Leno’s not looking so hot, his lightning-speed timing is hard to follow and you’ve got to wonder how long he’s going to last as the Tonight host.

No monologue references to , which may or may not have been a mistake. His Tiger Woods jokes, albeit rather old news at this point, were pretty good.

was the first actual guest after a brief video package featuring Randy Jackson and Adam Carolla (separately). Foxx attempted to pump up the crowd, offering Leno a big welcome back that included a bottle of champagne.

“I just got the show back. Don’t screw it up for me,” Leno joked to him. Jamie Foxx then stood up to encourage the crowd to do the wave. Foxx was acting erratic and almost manic, but perhaps it was just the excitement. Finally, Foxx settled down a little to talk about the Grammy awards.

Olympic star Lindsay Vaughn appeared to show off her two gold medals. She talked at length about her victory, her husband and the serious injury which almost stopped her Olympic dreams. Brad Paisley was the last guest of the night, on stage to perform one of his new songs. It was, all told, rather lackluster. And why wouldn’t it be? NBC had a reason for letting Leno go from the gig in the first place, a fact that was pretty easy to forget during the O’Brien-Leno media circus. Now, it will again slowly become painfully obvious.

The week’s lineup for will include Sarah Palin, the cast from Jersey Shore and some Olympians.



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