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Wednesday August 29, 2007 3:45 pm

Is Disney’s Musical Efron Headed for Fame?

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Zac Efron Disney has discovered their fair share of teen culture phenomena. To be honest, Disney has created their fare share of teen culture. From child stars-turned-superstars like to , Disney can make and break careers. For the young, Disney becomes a fabulous opportunity – or a dead-end. For others, like Tim Allen, their careers just might end in Disney movie mania. So, what’s the next step for Zac Efron, the teen star of Disney’s huge High School Musical franchise? The 19-year-old star rocketed to nationwide fame through the efforts of one made-for-TV-movie that was made to become the next big thing for every female teenager in the country. The fad can no longer be denied now that Disney’s second effort, High School Musical 2, earned a cool $33 million in its opening weekend alone. And though the original Musical has aired twenty-four times on the Disney channel, it’s still getting at least 5 million viewers each and every time. Those are ratings that simply can’t be denied.

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Disney is hoping to unveil the third installment to the Musical machine within the next several months, before the threat of a Writers Guild and Screen Actors Guild strike halts Hollywood progress in its tracks. For doing the flick, Efron is expected to get somewhere between 3 to 5 million dollars. DVD sales of High School Musical 2 alone will pay even this high asking price.  Efron now has his pick of movie offers, and is reported to be signed on for Seventeen, a switching-places comedy in the same vein as Freaky Friday – an idea we’ve all seen seven thousand adaptations of. Will it win big with Efron in the lead? Sources also say Efron will be involved in a remake of the Kevin Bacon vehicle Footloose. Zac also nabbed the coveted role of Link Larkin in the Hairspray remake, though he almost didn’t get the part. Director Shankman, who didn’t recognize Efron, told him to “forget it.” Shankman’s sister stopped him and said “you must put him in the movie.”
But, will Efron get stuck in the teen trap that Disney has begun to weave around the up-and-coming star? Or, like Shia, will he break away into big box office gold? Only time, and Efron’s movie roles, will tell.



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