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Thursday June 11, 2009 5:17 pm

I’m A Celebrity…And A Thief, Too

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Wednesday’s opened with the continuation of the Hang Tough challenge, which found some of the celebs (Janice Dickinson didn’t participate) hanging from iron bars over a fetid pool of stagnant water.

Hey, that’s what it takes to win immunity in Costa Rica. Each participant was still hanging when the episode picked up where it left off Monday night. was the first too fall, followed by Daniel Baldwin. Less than three minutes had passed, and two were already done for.

dropped from the bar next, after another two minutes or so had passed. Stephen Baldwin then fell out, leaving only Torrie Wilson, Sanjaya Malakar and Lou Diamond Phillips in the challenge. Torrie Wilson was the first of this group to fall, leaving the immunity for the men. Shortly after Wilson fell, Sanjaya dropped from the bar. This means Lou Diamond Phillips is safe and secure; he’ll remain in the contest for one more week at least. He’s actually my favorite competitor, and I’m rooting for him to win it all.

You get to decide who gets to stay in the jungle by virtue of your vote. You can call the 877 numbers for each contestant, or log onto and make your wishes known via the Internet.

Holly Montag - Heidi’s sister - strolled into camp a little bit later. She’s also on The Hills, apparently. Janice Dickinson was a fan of Holly’s right away, chatting her up and showing her around their area. “This girl is a shark. She’s playin’ the game,” told the others.

The next food trial required two members of each team to compete. Janice immediately nominated herself and Holly. Lou and Daniel also decided to compete. The four of them trekked through the jungle to win a dinner of hot dogs, potato chips, onion rings and condiments.

But to win, they had to play a game of jungle-style Operation. Precision movements were needed to remove small stars out of the logs. Touching the sides would mean shocking their teammate. Janice and Daniel chose to lie down and take the shock, while Lou and Holly would be pulling out the stars.

Holly managed to get four stars out of five, but not without doing some damage to her teammate. Lou also got four stars after shocking his team member a few times. This put both teams in a sudden death-type matchup, where they had to compete to get one star as quickly as possible. Lou got his in twenty-two seconds, while Holly fished hers out of the log after seventeen seconds. Just like that, Holly Montag managed to win the first challenge for the women in the entire contest.

The champions were greeted enthusiastically back at the camp, but the men were none too pleased. At the camp, Patti continued to campaign for her husband’s good name. You probably heard about Rod R. Blagojevich and his public fall from grace, impeached from the office of Governor of Illinois.

After being reprimanded for sharing food with the opposite team, the women decided not to give their grub to the men - though in the past, it was always the men sharing with them. Janice even ate some of the losers’ food, chowing down on the items that the men were trying to share.

The celebs started to talk on heavy subjects around the campfire later in the evening, sharing very personal experiences. “In an outside world, I don’t think that many of us would be friends,” Daniel Baldwin admitted to the camera.

During the night, had the urge to go…so she went. Right next to her cot, Dickinson the self-named “world’s first supermodel,” used the restroom. Lou brought a scroll to the campers the next morning. “Just to remind you that you must not urinate in camp. This will attract rats, which in turn attracts snakes.” He also reminded the celebs that cameras are also catching all the action. Later, Janice asked Lou who was urinating in the camp, in effect giving herself away to the group leader. Stephen Baldwin created a fake rat out of sticks and placed it in Janice’s bag later on in the day, but it didn’t fool her for moment.

“The Janice situation - it’s slowly getting to everyone,” observed, in an aside to the cameras.

Lou Diamond Phillips tried to talk to Janice, who at first refused because she was plucking her eyebrows. Expressing great annoyance, she finally went to talk to the camp leader. He very gently explained to her that she’s rubbing some of the other celebs the wrong way. “I don’t want you to feel persecuted here,” he explained to her.

“She’s going to make an effort, but there’s a chip on her shoulder right now,” Lou reported to the others as Janice washed the dishes. “Lay off the snarky comments for a little bit,” he asked them.

The next luxury trial would take place between the team of and Patti and John and Stephen, as decided by the scroll which was delivered to the camp. For this, they had to act as lumberjacks. After sawing through their logs, each pair would have to solve a math problem in order to open a lock box which contained the winning star.

The two females made quick work of their log and soon started to work on the long math problem. “It’s not my best subject. Usually, men are really good at math,” Torrie said to the camera. Even so, her team was the first to unlock their box and retrieve the star. “We didn’t work as a team,” John Salley observed of his loss.

“I wouldn’t go as far as to call them sore losers,” Lou Diamond Phillips said during his camera interview.

Later, Janice refused to eat by virtue of her talk with Lou. Though the leader tried to offer her food and John encouraged her to eat, she continued to wear her angry attitude. “I would have more compassion,” she told the group at large.

“You know, Janice, I like you. I just don’t like some of the things you do,” John told her. “When you see crazy comin’, cross the street,” he said to the cameras afterward.

“I don’t want to fight with you; my stomach hurts,” she complained to Daniel Baldwin. stepped up to beg for honesty in regards to Dickinson’s on-again, off-again illness.

Patti and Torrie won several items by virtue of the log victory: a jump rope, four granola bars, boxing gloves and weights to help them exercise.

Upon spying the prize, Janice took one of these bars for herself, eating it by her lonesome out in the jungle. “There were four granola bars, and now there’s three,” Patti discovered, after collecting her reward. She even went to check the bench to be sure she didn’t accidentally drop one. Dickinson even had the nerve to ask for a bite of one of the bars. Torrie directly asked her if she ate one.

“One was missing. I don’t know; maybe somebody dropped one,” Janice lied to the cameras later. Now she’s lying to me, too…and I don’t really care for it at all.

The hosts trekked into camp later for the live feed. “I feel right at home,” Holly smiled. “I always enjoy life in the jungle,” Sanjaya told them. “I’m gettin’ better by the day,” Torrie also wore a grin.

By virtue of his leadership, Lou Diamond Phillips will have the chance to speak with a loved one back home. He also had to choose two others to win the honor. Daniel Baldwin was the first choice because his wife is pregnant. Patti was also chosen because of her unique situation with her husband.

At the close of the broadcast, the other campers didn’t know that Janice stole the granola bar…but perhaps the three celebs who will make the calls will soon discover the truth about the supermodel.

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