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Wednesday June 24, 2009 5:48 pm

I’m A Celebrity Narrows Down a Final Three

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Thirteen celebrities were deposited in Costa Rica. By the end of Tuesday’s episode of , only three would go on to compete to win the show - and a slew of money for their charities. With five remaining and two slated for departure, emotions were running high among the campers.

“It’s been a great time,” told the camera, though spirits were low with the end in sight - and elimination still looming in the future.

Celebs shared favorite moments around the campfire as clips played for our amusement, reminding us of the funny, tense and surprising events that have happened during this season. Some have made friends, some have made enemies, some have learned just how far they can push themselves, and others learned they can’t push themselves at all. But only one of them will win.

The food trial, Catch a Crawling Star, gave the five remaining celebs the chance to compete for a rich, gourmet salad. To win, celebs had to move across suspended cables in pairs, grabbing flags along the way. and John Salley went across first, though Torrie fought with nerves. Despite her high emotions, Torrie kept pace with John as they raced along. Very sportsmanlike, Salley encouraged her the whole way.

Lou and Sanjaya then raced against each other, Malakar much faster than the actor at first. Phillips nearly pulled ahead, but Sanjaya managed the task a bit faster. Fifth contender had no competitor but the clock, so she soared around the jungle trees alone while those on the ground cheered her on. Patti flipped upside-down, accidentally dropping flags as she hung. Nonetheless, Patti finished the event.

The two fastest would get to enjoy the food. Patti’s time - after penalties for dropping the flags - was a little over 5 minutes. Sanjaya was done in less than 2 minutes, and in the end it was he and who won the challenge.

The jungle awards event was conducted by Lou Diamond Phillips. “Best Chef Award, John Salley,” the NBA star nominated himself to unanimous agreement. He also nominated Patti for the “I’m A Celebrity Now Award.” Lou suggested “The Eternal Music Award” for , while Salley suggested Phillips for “The Entertainer Award.” Patti thought Torrie should win the “I’m More Than Just A Pretty Face Award.”

Janice Dickinson ended up with the “Do You Know Who I Think I Am Award.” got the “Best Spence-Out Award.” Lou then gave his Spencer impression, which was pretty good.

Damien Fahey took the cameras with him for the live feed. “Tonight, five becomes three,” he intoned. Torrie Wilson was then declared safe and put at ease. Lou Diamond Phillips followed her to safety and the final three. The first person to leave the jungle was Sanjaya Malakar, who made it further, at least, than he did on his first reality stint. On American Idol, the crooner advanced to seventh, but in the jungle he made it to the fifth position. Only Patti and John remain - to be split apart at last. One of them would be eliminated; only one can advance.

Malakar then took his walk across the bridge as the others waved good-bye. He’ll be reunited with , no doubt, before the night is through. Previous competitors of the season have all either stayed near the area or made their way to Costa Rica, so they can be on hand for the finale.

“Feeling good,” Sanjaya was smiling when he spoke with host Myleene Klass. “There’s one more day in the jungle, and I’m ready to watch my fellow camp mates battle it out.”

“I absolutely feel that I’ve grown up,” he told her. “If you put your mind to something, you can do whatever you really want to.”

During his time in the jungle, Sanjaya won 9 out of the 12 challenges in which he competed. Klass moved closer to him to ask about Holly Montag.

“Holly’s my best friend in camp,” he said. Malakar remained mum on any possible romance with The Hills star. A few clips of Sanjolly in the jungle then followed. He became emotional as a Sanjaya-themed clip followed.

Someone else still had to go. Damien Fahey again entered the camp to deliver the news. Patti and John waited in tense silence. Blagojevich was then eliminated. She hugged everyone good-bye and prepared to gather her things before walking down the bridge.

The Wednesday finale will feature Lou Diamond Phillips, Torrie Wilson and John Salley competing for the crown of jungle winner. Patti sat down for her chat with both the hosts near the end of the episode. “It was a great experience,” she, too, was all smiles. “I loved it. It was…unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.”

“I feel good. I’ve left behind three incredible people, and I’m honored to lose to any one of them.”

NBC viewers have the opportunity to vote for the one they want to win Celebrity, both through phone lines and the Web site. The finale - featuring Stephen Baldwin, Speidi, Janice Dickinson and others, will air Wednesday night. There, the winner will be crowned - so you’ve got one last chance to make your wishes known.

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