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Thursday May 10, 2007 6:00 pm

Idol Offers More Surprises

American Idol Judges Randy, Paula, and Simon Just when viewers thought that Wednesday night results shows couldn’t get any more exciting, FOX’s American Idol came up with another shocker: the spinoff. No, it’s not another So You Think You Can Dance – this time, it’s about bands. Idol has found lots of undiscovered singers over the years, many of whom are now enjoying highly successful careers. When Ryan Seacrest announced FOX’s intent to produce an Idol-esque battle of the bands, the news was actually big enough to trump even a startling elimination: LaKisha Jones. Today’s speculation is not on who will win Idol, it’s what this new show will be like. And…when is it going to be on the air?

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Details are a little sketchy so far – in fact, no one even seems to know what the name of the new show will be. When FOX unveils the new fall lineup on May 16, it’s expected that the new band search show will be included. In the past, FOX has enjoyed little enough success from their big-budget dramas, their tongue-in-cheek comedies, and even their varied animated series – but it’s been Idol that really pushed the station into the mainstream of network TV. No longer the “bad boy” station, FOX managed to become a contender for high ratings with a reality show that took everyone by surprise. If one reality competition can bring so much success, why not another? And so the idea for this new series was born. Will it match the success of its big sister series?

Or, like many other FOX shows (anybody remember Wedding Bells?), will it fall flat? The show is remarkably similar to Idol. A nationwide search for the most talented bands will be launched. A panel of three judges will give their reviews – at this point insiders are saying it’s highly unlikely the judges will be Randy, Paula, and Simon. The ten bands that make it to semi-finals will give live performances, and at this point at-home viewers will get the opportunity to vote. Sound familiar? There is at least one difference to the new show – no age restrictions this time, though Idol wannabes can’t be over a certain age. Bands will, however, be expected to perform several different musical genres, and probably won’t be playing their own tunes. So, you think America can stand a group version of Idol?


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Im a huge fan of American Idol

[quote author="K.C. Morgan" date="1178855241"]FOX has enjoyed such massive success with American Idol, a contest that features solo singers, someone finally said "hey, I know - let's do an Idol for bands!" And the idea lit a fire under FOX execs. The show, which is not officially titled, will be almost exactly like Idol - for bands. A nationwide search will produce ten semi-finalists who will perform in front of live studio and viewing audiences. America gets to vote, three judges get to critique, and we all get to have fun. FOX needs something to fill their fall programming...so why not?[/quote] I thought of something like that before. Like they have "So you think you can dance" for solo dancers, and "America's Best Dance Crew" for groups and duo dancers. It makes since and I like the idea.

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