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Monday December 22, 2008 1:16 am

I Confess: I Love Old Teen Idols

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I usually shy away from reality projects featuring Scott Baio (not falling for that one again), but I just may have to make an exception for VH1. The network will soon be premiering its brand-new Confessions of a Teen Idol, which features seven former hotties who all share the same mission: grab the brass ring.

You know, again.

They each had their shot at fame and some even spent a little time at the top. But Hollywood is capricious, and soon enough all of these men found themselves on the swift path to being has-beens. But VH1 - and apparently, - thinks they could be shining stars once more. Or at the very least, reality stars. Here’s the funniest part: Baio is part host, part mentor to these would-be famous-again celebs.

I know, it’s a total riot.

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Confessions of a Teen Idol Cast

The show will feature Eric Nies (who shot to MTV success through the original Real World New York), Jamie Walters (whose face you may remember from and The Heights; the voice you’ll remember from that one-hit-wonder they replayed on 90s radio for seven straight months), Jeremy Jackson (Baywatch), Chris Atkins (The Blue Lagoon - remember the loincloth?), David Chokachi (also Baywatch), Billy Hufsey (Days of Our Lives) and Adrian Zmed (from various Broadway, TV and movie projects, including T. J. Hooker and Grease 2).

Literally, I was in love with half the guys being featured on the show. In love. Along with Baio, Jason Hervey (Kevin’s older brother Wayne on The Wonder Years) will help coach these former stars back to the path of success. If, you know, cable reality television can be deemed success.

Don’t knock it - reality’s worked just fine for people like . Though many of these men haven’t had a decent job in Hollywood in….oh, ten to fifteen years, they are all still hungry for one more shot at more lasting fame. In recent years, reality TV has become the perfect nesting ground for has-been TV and movie actors who want to get their stars shining brightly (or even dimly) again. And why not?

If Chris Atkins can look half as good as he used to without a shirt on, I’m already hooked on the show - and don’t even get me started on Jamie Walters. Confessions of a Teen Idol premieres January 4 on VH1. Wondering what happened to your High School crush? Chances are, he’s on the show.

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you are right moviefreak

I agree with your views and thankful for sharing the views.

well i can only say that the idea was good but its really hard to justice with such subject. but it could be a great show but it didnt

It is just for the promotion of the show. Nothing is true in it. I don't believe in such things.

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