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Monday January 18, 2010 1:10 am

Highlights from the 2010 Golden Globe Awards

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Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes

Tonight’s presentation - hosted by comedian Ricky Gervais - had a nice mix of first-time wins, heartfelt speeches, fashionable entrances and non-stop humor.

If you missed the ceremony, you can get a full list of the winners here or read some of our favorite highlights after the jump.

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Michael C. Hall at the Golden Globes

The ‘Most Touching Moment’ Award:
Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall, who only recently announced his Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis (he’s currently in remission), attended the ceremony with a cap on his head (presumably a result of his cancer treatment). He made no references to the illness during his Best Actor acceptance speech, but the crowd’s overwhelming support could be felt.

The ‘He Has a Sex Tape?’ Award:
Martin Scorsese. (Just ask Robert De Niro. Or don’t.)

Mo'Nique at the Golden Globes

The ‘That Speech Actually Sounded Genuine’ Award:
Although her work in Precious has received just as much buzz as her promotional fee requests and award show snubs, Mo’Nique - who richly deserved her Best Supporting Actress achievement - sounded truly moved by the honor she received tonight.

The ‘Thank Goodness He Wasn’t There Because I Was Tired of Hearing 30 Rock Speeches’ Award:
Alec Baldwin

Halle Berry at the Golden Globes

The ‘Best Example of an Elvira-esque Dress’ Award:
Halle Berry

Cher and Christina Aguilera at the Golden Globes

The ‘Worst Example of an Elvira-esque Dress’ Award:

The ‘Most Awkward (Yet Still Hilarious) Moment’ Award:
“I like a drink as much as the next man, unless the next man is Mel Gibson.” - A drinking Ricky Gervais right before the next presenter, Mel Gibson, took the stage.

Drew Barrymore at the Golden Globes

The ‘Best Use of a Piece of Coral’ Award:
Drew Barrymore

The ‘Most Romantic Gesture’ Award:
“There’s no surprise that my work got better when I met you, because I never knew what it felt like for someone to have my back.” - The Blind Side‘s Sandra Bullock to hubby Jesse James after she won for Best Actress.



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