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Tuesday July 8, 2008 5:54 pm

Grey’s Anatomy News: Katherine Heigl, Sandra Oh

Katherine HeiglSandra Oh

In June, Katherine Heigl made a remark that was bound to anger some of her Grey’s Anatomy co-workers. When asked about the upcoming Emmys, last year’s winner said she didn’t submit an entry because she didn’t feel she was given worthy material.

And while some accused the rising movie star of purposely sparking the controversy (in an attempt to get out of her series contract), one of Katherine’s co-stars has just now spoken in her defense. At an engagement for the Hallmark Channel, (Dr. Miranda Bailey) said:

“All actors have to do that exactly same thing every year. The public at large doesn’t understand it’s not about your body of works. It can’t be something in the middle. You can have a great seasonal arc, but if you don’t have that show that’s your show, then it’s not the right thing for the category. It was amazing to me the way it got blown out of proportion. Some years I submit, some years I don’t.”

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Okay - but that still doesn’t mean Heigl’s not looking for a way out…

In other Seattle Grace news, rumor has it may finally get someone to help her forget about that Burke character. TV Guide is reporting that Kevin McKidd (from NBC’s short-lived Journeyman) may enter the scene as a surgeon who has just completed a tour in Iraq.

McKidd will supposedly have a fairly lengthy stay, which is exactly what he would need in order to break through Cristina Yang’s icy exterior.



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