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Thursday April 7, 2011 1:09 am

Glenn Beck’s Fox News Show is Over

Glenn BeckBut… what will Jon Stewart talk about on weekday nights? Glenn Beck is leaving his popular Fox News show, putting an end to his controversial but extremely attention-getting run on the Glenn Beck Program.

Beck will still work with Fox News through his company Mercury Radio Arts. He joined Fox at the start of 2009 and immediately doubled ratings in his time slot (and gave left-wing pundits too much to talk about). But his energetic persona has managed to create a lot of controversy, too. He accused the President of the United States of racism and lost Fox News approximately 400 advertising agreements (the number of advertisers who refused to support Beck's program with their ads).

Fox News channel chairman and CEO Roger Ailes had very little to say on the topic. “Half of the headlines say he’s been canceled… the other half say he quit. We’re pretty happy with both of them.”

What the hell does that mean? We’ve no idea, but good luck trying to get a straight answer out of Fox News on any day of the week.

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“Glenn brought additional information, a unique perspective, a certain amount of passion and insight to the channel,” said Ailes.

Beck broke the news to his viewers at the end of Wednesday’s show. But the Republican rager won’t just go quietly away. “I will continue to tell the story and I will be showing other ways for us to connect,” he promised his faithful viewers.



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