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Monday August 30, 2010 9:35 pm

Glee Spoilers: Lea Michele Talks Showmance and Songs

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Lea Michele at the 2010 Emmys

Reporters caught up to on the red carpet Sunday night to talk about songs and spoilers. Like her Glee cast mates, Michele was on hand to attend the Emmys. And though Lea didn’t win the Best Actress award she was nominated for, she managed to win the world’s attention with the few juicy tidbits she shared.

Ready for some Season 2 spoilers? Read on to hear what Lea Michele (otherwise known as Rachel Berry) had to say about the songs she wants to sing, what she will sing and who her character will love in upcoming episodes …

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“She’s definitely with Finn right now,” Lea Michele said of her character Rachel Berry, who has finally managed to win over the heart of school hunk Finn Hudson (). Michele revealed that one showmance the fans hope to see won’t happen, however: Puck and Rachel probably won’t get together in Season 2 unless it’s a “dream sequence” or “something like that.” Of the Finn-Rachel power pairing, Michele said “They’re very much in love right now.”

Michele also spent some time talking about the singers she personally admires, admitting that she’ll get to do one of her “dream” songs in the third episode of the upcoming season. Lea wouldn’t reveal the name of the tune, but she did share the name of the artist: Barbra Streisand. Now, it’s going to be almost impossible to hold out until the premiere of Glee. Michele revealed that she hopes to do “Barbra [Streisand] and Judy [Garland]” on the show, because she wants younger generations to become familiar with these wonderful artists.

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