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Glee: Coming Back with Divas and Biebers

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Glee - The Justin Bieber Experience

Tuesday’s Glee was appropriately titled “Comeback,” hinting that characters are moving on from last week’s heartaches. The episode started off on a strong note, with Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) ready to take on the world. As he put it, “Glee club’s going to Regionals, we’ve got all of Sue’s Cheerios money. I’m past Terri. I’m over Emma.”

And that’s when Emma (Jayma Mays) rushed into the classroom, right on cue and cute as ever. She ran to Will in an effort to save Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), who tried to OD on gummy vitamins. Will wasn’t having it, however, and he stalked out of Sue’s trophy-covered home. Sue eventually convinced Emma that she is truly in a deep depression following her loss at the national cheerleading competition, and in this way managed to infiltrate New Directions as a member of the club.

Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) started off the episode still believing Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron), who told him she caught mono from Finn (Cory Monteith) when she saved him from choking on a gumball. But Sam was still seeing sparks between the two, and decided to put his healthy hair and great singing skills to good use. And that’s when Sam started impersonating Justin Bieber (“Heads up, Quinn Fabray. You’re about to be hit with a full-on, blonde Bieber”).

To introduce his idea of an anthem song for the upcoming Regionals competition, Sam performed Bieber’s banner hit “Baby,” and managed to win grins from every female member of the Glee club -- we thought we even saw Sue coming dangerously close to cracking a smile. Following Sam’s huge success, Puck (Mark Salling), Artie (Kevin McHale) and Mike (Harry Shum, Jr.) asked to join his band, The Justin Bieber Experience.

We have to admit, we were non-believers at first -- Puck looked a little silly with a hairpiece attached to a Bieber-style hoody -- but suddenly we’ve got Bieber fever, too. After the guys performed “Somebody to Love,” and scored the love of all the Glee ladies, even Finn found himself zipping into a hoody and trying to comb his short locks down over his forehead.

In a rare glimpse into the private world of Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), fans were treated to a shot of her To-Do list. What tasks does Rachel need to address? “Celine Dion’s B-Day!!!” “Friend request Barbra Steisand again,” “Ann-Margret in concert,” and “AVATAR on ice audition.” It’s impossible not to love her. Her big goal for the episode was to become a fashion trendsetter -- which she attempted to accomplish by paying Brittany to wear Berry-inspired outfits. Rachel’s look, by the way, is called “sexy schoolgirl, librarian chic,” according to her. But when every girl in school began wearing skirts, tights and animal-print sweaters, they didn’t give the credit to Rachel -- they gave it to Brittany (Heather Morris) instead.

Sue’s depression isn’t real. Her actual goal, as always, is to destroy the Glee club. As an insider, she began to work her particular magic by pitting Rachel against Mercedes (Amber Riley) in a diva-off. Rachel was ready to compete immediately, but Mercedes put it off for the next day. As she explained, “I’m going to go get my cross-trainers. Want to know why? Because, I’m going to be doing some runs.”


This led to an absolutely epic performance of “Take Me or Leave Me” from Rent, a number which allowed both women to show off their massive voices. After much eye-rolling at each other, the two began to grin as the fantastic number progressed.

In his continuing attempts to make Sue feel better, Will took her to the pediatric unit of the hospital. Sue hates hospitals -- “that’s why I keep voting for those death panels” -- but even she was smiling when they all sang “This Little Light of Mine” together.

Puck failed to score points with Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink) after his Bieber-licious performance (she gave him a grade of C+), but she did offer him a way into her heart -- she asked for his help to perform before the Glee club. Puck gave her the age-old advice of picturing everyone in their underwear, a trick Zizes used to deliver the hottest version of “I Know What Boys Like” we have ever seen.

Santana (Naya Rivera) thinks Sam is cute, “despite the fact that [his] mouth-to-face ratio is way off.” She managed to make Sam see that Quinn cheated on him, though he’s “as dumb as a bag of wet hair.” And somehow, her rather caustic comments scored her a place at Sam’s side. He broke up with Quinn and announced his new liaison with Santana practically in the same breath.


Speaking of huge surprises, Sue gave the club a true anthem number to perform together -- with herself at the center of the group. Led by Sue, they all came together for a fantastic rendition of My Chemical Romance’s “SING.”

But of course, that wasn’t all Sue had in store for New Directions. All her excess time and singing with the club has inspired the coach to begin helping a new team: Aural Intensity, last year’s second-place Regionals finishers who placed in the competition above New Directions.

Now, we’ve got another club to cheer for at the contest, which becomes more intense with every episode. New Directions must face and beat Sue’s new group, as well as the Warblers, if they want to go to the Nationals competition in New York … and we want all of them to win.

If only they all could. Rachel Berry already thinks it won’t be New Directions. At the end of the episode, she suggested that club write a new, original song to blow the competition away … but her suggestion was met with scorn by everyone but Finn. In another heart-tugging moment between the two, he confessed his strong belief in her and encouraged her to write them a song anyway, “and shove it down their throats.” If anyone can pull it off, it’s Rachel Berry.

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