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Friday December 4, 2009 11:35 pm

Get Ready for a Glee Bombshell

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If you thought last Wednesday’s episode of was major, you haven’t seen anything yet. After next Wednesday, we won’t get any more Glee until April…so FOX is giving us something good for the fall finale.

(Finn Hudson) wouldn’t spill any secrets about the songs we’ll get to hear in the episode, but he was willing to talk about another very interesting plot point. Can you stand the wait or do you want to find out right now?

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When specifically asked about the Quinn-Puck pregnancy story line and whether or not Finn finds out the truth, Monteith answered “yes, he does.” Too bad he doesn’t know a few more show secrets to share. Like the rest of us, the actor who plays Finn has no idea if his character will hook up with Rachel (Lea Michele). “I think maybe Rachel and Finn are meant to be together, but I don’t know if they will be together,” he admitted.

Meanwhile, , who plays Puck, is also hoping to see his character have a relationship with Rachel. Right now, he’s taking sides with “the PuckleBerry fans.” As long as we get to see more of Puck, he can date whomever he likes.



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