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Wednesday April 2, 2008 4:33 pm

Fans Try to Save Moonlight

Moonlight cast

Just a few weeks ago, CBS finally put an end to one of their struggling sophomore shows, .  Now supporters of Moonlight are hoping that their cult favorite will not see that same fate.

Although the program is scheduled to return with four new episodes come April 25, the drama has not yet landed on network’s renewal schedule.  Realizing a peanut-filled campaign helped to bring back the vehicle, die-hard fans are once again banding together to keep their new fave from bleeding out.

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E! Online

Of all the online sites devoted to the series about modern-day vampires, a new one strives to do good for charity as well.  Devotees are now working with YouChoose.net and the American Red Cross to organize blood drives in honor of the show.  So far, approximately 3000 fans have supposedly pledged to donate a pint of the red stuff in hopes of saving .

I don’t really know how this idea could make more any more difference than a simple online petition (are they going to mail CBS their bags of blood??) - but you gotta love the viewers for trying.



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