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Wednesday October 17, 2007 11:50 am

Drew Carey Right for Price?

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Drew CareyWhen Bob Barker left CBS’s Price is Right, the network started to scramble to fill his sizable shoes. Rumors abounded, names were tied to CBS, and everyone waited to see what would happen. Rosie O’Donnell turned the gig down, and Drew Carey emerged from obscurity to take the job. He did turn it down first, still tasting the bitter disappointment after his own show left the airwaves. CBS called back to woo Carey, a tactic that worked. Monday, Carey started his duties as the new host of Price.

In a recent interview, Carey stated, “This is a really good fit. I’m really comfortable here…” Well, I made it a point to watch Carey on Monday, and I am of a different opinion. The former Whose Line Is It Anyway? host seemed uncomfortable, nervous, and had difficulty controlling contestants. His jokes were dry, his chitchat vague, and his face bloated. But then, admittedly, I have never been a Drew Carey fan. I don’t think he’s funny…I think he just has a good knack for surrounding himself with terribly funny people.

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