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Friday August 1, 2008 6:52 pm

Drama at Sober Living

Seth BinzerAndy Dick's mugshot

Although the show hasn’t finished filming yet, VH1’s already promises to be an interesting watch.

Last month, we told you about the cable channel’s plans to produce a spinoff of Celebrity Rehab. On the new program, several recovering addicts would live in the same home while trying to get their lives back together. Unfortunately, we’ve already learned of one guest who has experienced a setback. We’ve also heard rumors of a guest who probably hasn’t been rehabbed yet.

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Those who watched remember Seth “Shifty” Binzer (also known as Shifty Shellshock) as the guy who stupidly thought it was okay to drink beer in the facility. By the end of the first season, the Crazytown musician seemed dedicated to cleaning up his life. He even opted to continue treatment when others didn’t.

Unfortunately, a post on Shifty’s own MySpace page reveals that he recently made a large step backwards while filming Sober:

While shooting scenes for his new reality TV show on Friday night at GOA nightclub, Shifty decided that it was all to much and skipped out on his management and production crew—leaving the cast, crew and all high and dry. Shifty began to later leave clues that he was okay and in a stable frame of mind although he was walking the streets of Hollywood for most of Friday night well into the wee hours of Saturday morning. On one of Shifty’s video post he mentioned that “someone had broke [his] heart” he went on to say that the person knows who they are and so do those close to him. He went on to say that alcohol sucks and that all he had been doing is drinking heavily. Later that [Saturday] Shifty decided he would walk back to the set of his show located near Club GOA in Hollywood. Unfortunately due to the amount of liquor lack of rest and heat he had a heat stroke and blacked-out due a lack of hydration that landed him in the hands of medical professionals. He was released shortly after being admitted and rehydrated with a 500cc bag of Intravenous Solution. At no time during his hiatus did he use any of his VH1 show money to purchase drugs. We know this because he turned his funds over to his financial and business manager so that it can be sent to his wife and kid back home. After Shifty has been thoroughly evaluated he will return to the Sober house. The manager of the house Jeniffer G. says that “the other cast, production staff and crew members welcome and want ‘Seth’ [Shifty] back with open arms.”

Meanwhile, it’s been reported reported that a star recently in the news will also be checking into the VH1 program.

According to TMZ, comedian Andy Dick will finally be getting the attention he desperately needs. (Granted, he is being paid to appear - but aren’t they all?) Dick was arrested on July 16 after sexually assaulting a woman outside a California restaurant.

But given the timing of the star’s arrest - and the production currently underway - It’s unclear whether Dick will be participating in another treatment program before entering the post-rehab home.



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