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Sunday August 30, 2009 7:39 pm

DJ AM Talked About Holding Crack Pipe to MTV

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Adam Goldstein’s sudden death on Friday came just weeks before a reality project he had been working on was set to premiere.

Goldstein (a.k.a. DJ AM) had been collaborating with MTV on an Intervention-esque series for the channel. In the eight episodes already shot, Adam, a former drug user, devoted his time to help others with addiction. Now it’s not known whether Gone Too Far will ever air.

Although official an autopsy on the 36-year-old has not yet been completed (toxicology and tissue results are still needed), sources are claiming that drugs were found in Goldstein’s apartment at the time of his death. Adam, who may have been distraught over a recent breakup, was reportedly in the possession of crack when his body was discovered.

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In an eerie interview taped on July 29 (video above), the disc jockey described a scene that he filmed for the program. While doing research on one of the subjects, Goldstein purchased a crack pipe to show “to show how easy it was” to purchase. Unfortunately, the experience had him shaking. “I realized after I was holding it that my palms were sweaty and I was like, ‘Wait a minute, this is not smart for me to be holding this,’ you know.”

Adam’s friend, Celebrity Rehab‘s Dr. Drew Pinsky, said he believes medication prescribed after the 2008 plane crash may have contributed to a relapse. “It very slowly and subtly reawakens addiction,” Pinsky stated. “I’m not saying it was inappropriately prescribed, I’m saying he didn’t know the risks.”

It’s believed MTV will decide later this week if the reality series will see the light of day. Gone Too Far is currently slated to debut on October 5.



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