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Tuesday June 24, 2008 6:30 pm

Disney Plans Camp Rock Sequel

Camp Rock

Although the movie didn’t pull in High School Musical 2-sized numbers, Camp Rock did well enough on Friday night to warrant interest in a sequel.

The Disney Channel original, which featured the red-hot , debuted to 8.9 million viewers making it the highest-rated non-sequel to air on that network. (HSM2 had 17.2 million glued to their sets last August.) Rock also outperformed anything from the Top 5 networks on that same night.

Assuming a script is finalized soon (and schedules are coordinated), the key players could get back to work on the sequel’s production sometime next year.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Camp Rock2 is just as or more successful than High School Musical 2 because the Jonas Brothers are on tour and that can make them popular all year long which would eventually make them a complete success, unlike High School Musical because Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens aren’t on tour so people forget about them until the sequel is being promoted. Also, Camp Rock may get more viewers just for the fact that there are 3 brothers. In High School Musical, a viewer may not like Zac Efron, so they just won’t watch the movie at all. But, on the other hand, for Camp Rock, a viewer could not like Nick or Joe Jonas, but loves Kevin Jonas so they would watch the movie just for him. So, even if a viewer hates 1/3 or 2/3 of the brothers they still would watch the movie because they absolutely love the last brother.


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