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Monday January 11, 2010 9:05 pm

DeGeneres, DioGuardi React to Simon Cowell’s Idol Departure

Simon Cowell

Talk show maven and newest Idol addition Ellen DeGeneres is “very, very sad” that Simon Cowell is , and who can blame her? With Cowell gone, it’s safe to assume that American Idol’s future is now on a downward spiral, and Ellen’s new job is likely to become a very brief blip on the map of her career.

“He announced he’s leaving on my first day - I’m trying not to take it personally,” Ellen cracked jokes, as usual, while talking to her audience. “He’s a huge part of that show, but he wanted a change.”

And so sounded the death knell of America’s most popular reality TV series.

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will shrug off the heavy burden of working for Fremantle Media to executive produce The X Factor on American shores beginning in 2011 - a gig that will undoubtedly net him much more money than what Idol is evidently willing to give. Rumor has it that Cowell has been in talks with Paula Abdul in hopes of gaining her participation on the new series.

Kara DioGuardi doesn’t have a rapt daytime audience to joke with, but she also shared some thoughts on the shake-up during a morning . “He’s so important to the show,” she inanely remarked. “I think I was a fan before I was on the show.” Doesn’t she know?

Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Simon Cowell is the glue that’s always held Idol together. His departure bodes ill for the future.



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