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Tuesday October 23, 2007 11:16 pm

Dancing With The Stars: Week 5 Loser

Mark CubanAfter weeks of occupying the low scorer’s bench, the Dallas Maverick’s owner was finally ejected from the dance floor tonight.  As entertaining as had been (especially in his ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ performance last night), his abilities were clearly lagging behind those of the remaining competitors.  Fortunately, Cuban didn’t overstay his welcome and make things equally as awkward as last night’s show-stopper.

But who had the honor of warming the seat next to him?  Was it wobbly Marie?  Last week’s near-miss, Mel B?  Or how about Helio, the dancer with the pained expression?  No—it was Monday’s sexy siren, .  Although she scored higher than Garth, Osmond or Castroneves, Jane’s hot rumba apparently didn’t do much for the viewers at home.  (Maybe voters don’t like rooting for someone who’s all skin and bones.)

So now we’re down to the Final Seven:  Jane, Melanie, Jennie, Marie, Sabrina, Helio and Cameron.  All the obvious contenders have already been eliminated—so who do you think will occupy the Bottom Two next week?



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