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Monday May 3, 2010 11:50 am

Conan O’Brien Speaks Out Against Jay Leno, NBC

May 1st, for late night fans, meant only one thing: Conan O’Brien’s vow of silence with NBC had expired. This weekend, he celebrated that holiday the way any star with something to say might: by giving a hard-hitting interview on national TV.

O’Brien has remained very tactful throughout the entire NBC late night debacle. He didn’t exactly take the gloves off during his time with , but he did make one thing pretty clear: he’s not happy with Jay Leno. “I do not think I will be hearing from him,” Conan said of his fellow late night host, who has now resumed his duties at The Tonight Show. “Who can say who won and who lost?” Conan asked. “I’m laughing ‘cause crying would be sad.”

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“When it started to get toxic…I started to feel that I’m not sure these people even really want me here,” Conan said of the NBC powers-that-be, who broke their deal with O’Brien to re-institute Leno as host. “It’s crucial to me that anyone seeing this, they take anything away from this, it’s I’m fine. I’m doing great,” Conan stated clearly.

He had a few things to say about , many of them very carefully-phrased. “It’s hard for me to get inside his head and argue his side of this thing,” O’Brien said of the other host. When asked if he believed Leno had “acted honorably,” Conan let out a long sigh. “I don’t think I can answer that,” he finally answered, adding, “I would do it differently…hope [Jay Leno]’s happy with his decision.”

“Everyone’s got their own…way of doing things.”



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