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Tuesday September 9, 2008 1:00 am

Christina Aguilera’s Goth Look Failed to Mask Bad Performance

Christina Aguilera performing her latest hit at the 2008 VMA

To begin, I will be outright honest and admit that I tuned into MTV’s 2008 Video Music Awards last night in hopes of seeing Britney Spears make a [second] comeback performance, despite the comments from her people saying that she definitely would not appear. So I held out until the end of the show, surprisingly allowing myself to concede to an awards show I was clearly out of touch with (the only video I had seen prior to the night was “Piece of Me”).

With that being said, I was still very much excited by all of the performances throughout the night, save Christina Aguilera‘s sad excuse for one.

While there is no doubt that her latest Goth-inspired reinvention and “Genie in a Bottle” tribute were hot, I could not believe that such a veteran pop star would be so bad at lip syncing! If Katie Perry, Haley Williams, or Leona Lewis opted to rest their vocals last night, they definitely fooled me! Christina was a different story.

Shortly after her number, Kid Rock took the stage and took a jab at the new mother: “There’s no dancing, no lip-syncing. This is all real—we play like cold, hard cash.”

Even folks at Rolling Stone went so far as to say that this performance gave Britney’s 2007 atrocity a run for its money!

I suppose this all wouldn’t be nearly as funny for me if I had not have caught her pre-show interview, where she promoted her greatest hits album, pointing out how she’s been doing this for a decade already. Right, ten years and that’s what you give us, Christina?

Well, I suppose she really didn’t want to be outdone by her rival.

Gallery: Christina Aguilera's Goth Look Failed to Mask Bad Performance



I suppose you’re right in that respect. So then why did she do it now if she’s clearly had no practice?

I <i>never</i> said that I was a fan of either, which is why I <i>admit</i> in the first sentence to saying that I was expecting to see her… People, like myself, who aren’t fans of Britney are still very intrigued with her career, which is why I pointed out that I would’ve liked to see what she came up with after her performance from last year.

Also, I noted that if Christina hadn’t practiced lip syncing enough (they ALL do it), she shouldn’t have done so!

Maybe you can tell me why she did it—I’d really like to know.

I believe you read my review incorrectly—I cited that The Rolling Stones compared her performance to Britney’s 2007 VMA performance.

By the way, I wanted to thank you for contradicting everyone on these comments who have defended Christina by saying that her excuse was due to the fact that she is actually dancing in a performance. From someone who *has* seen her live, why, then did she do so Sunday night?

No one appears to be able to answer that for me, even though they continue to tell me how great of a performer she is.

Which, by the way, I NEVER said that I was on Britney’s side—I said that I would have liked to see her redeem herself. Besides, I am an entertainment writer—it’s my JOB to tune into everything revolving celebrities, which would include watching their performances.


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