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Thursday July 31, 2008 3:13 pm

Celebs Turning Down Dancing with the Stars

Kathy GriffinAlthough we’re still weeks away from finding out ’ next lineup, speculation about the latest cast has been growing for months.

Already we’ve heard about Paula Abdul’s interest and Lance Bass’ possible male partner. Just recently Kim Kardashian’s name was even thrown into the mix. And while there are many D-Listers who would kill for a chance to revive their career, there are some D-Listers who apparently don’t want to risk the embarrassment.

In an interview with Extra, comedienne admitted that she had received a “hard offer” to compete on ABC hit. Surprisingly, she doesn’t intend to accept. “No! I can’t even touch my toes!” (Isn’t this the kind of publicity she would normally force her assistants to create?) Meanwhile, a rep for Dan Quayle also confirmed that the former VP had been approached about the show. (He, thankfully, declined the request as well.)

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On a side note: I did notice that Paula Abdul was in the audience of last night. Could she possibly be studying up, just in case? Hmmm….

Let’s see if any of the rumors are correct when reveals the final list on August 25.



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