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Friday January 16, 2009 2:10 pm

Celebrity Rehab Presents: More Misbehaving Celebs

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That’s right: VH1’s Celebrity Rehab spin-off, , premiered last night. All the faces but one were very familiar to faithful Rehab viewers, and sadly little else has changed, either.

Most of the Sober House participants were released from Rehab just one week prior to their arrival in a clean living “facility” (which, oh yeah, is really a beautiful mansion in the Hollywood Hills). But for some, perhaps one week was a little too long.

Amber Smith, Mary Carey, Shifty Binzer, Nikki McKibbin and Rodney King arrived at the house without incident. , ex-Guns n Roses drummer, did not. Adler showed up very obviously loaded (that’s slang for under the influence of substances) and packing drug paraphernalia. House manager Jennifer Gimenez, freaked out, called Dr. Drew Pinksy.

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Sure, in a way, didn’t he start all of this? Sober House is a spin-off of Pinsky’s successful series , one of the rare quality shows VH1 presents. Dr. Drew treats addicted celebs, along with his staff, at the Pasadena Recovery Center. Sober House is meant to serve as the transition between rehab and the real world.

But maybe for Steven Adler the transition was just too big. Adler was taken to the home of a staff member to spend his first night, both to protect himself and the other participants of the Sober House. These events made the premiere episode of the series very, very dramatic - and teasing promos hint at much more to come.

Will these recovering addicts discover the secrets of living clean at the house, or will they fall off the wagon? An exciting season awaits - and all we can do, is watch.


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A Spears fan wrote, "I don't like you or your stinking, horrible, abusive report! ... I, however, love Britney." Another fan wrote, "Britney Spears is a legend, a great performer. http://how-much-does-britney-spears-weigh.com She is our idol and nothing you say about that concert will change that. It still hurts to think you didn't see how many people she touched that night. ... What I saw was hard work and determination, great dance moves, catchy lyrics, and positive songs"

I think they should post things on air while taking positive intentions of addicts and addiction control centers interest's high.

you are right moviefreak

I agree with your views and thankful for sharing the views.

well i can only say that the idea was good but its really hard to justice with such subject. but it could be a great show but it didnt

It is just for the promotion of the show. Nothing is true in it. I don't believe in such things.

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