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Friday June 12, 2009 7:09 pm

I’m a Celebrity: Get Janice Out of Here!

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The last episode of the week for is reserved for eliminations. On Thursday, one competitor will be ousted - by virtue of your votes - from the wilds of Costa Rica. 

Hosts Myleene Klass and Damien Fahey joking referred to Granolagate, which happened on Wednesday. Patti Blagojevich and Torrie Wilson competed to win a luxury reward. Among their prize items were four granola bars - one of which was taken and eaten by one . The supermodel not only lied about the food to the other campers but to us - even saying to the camera during her confessional that she didn’t know what happened to the bar.

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The wrapper was discovered by Patti the next morning. Many of the celebs seem to suspect Janice, and these suspicions are obviously correct. No matter what Janice or anyone else may say, the cameras very clearly captured Dickinson stuffing the bar down her throat, hidden away from the others in the camp.

“Let’s just make a truce and not talk to each other,”   suggested to her.

“Where’s the granola bar!” , his younger brother, demanded, though he was laughing hysterically. Lou Diamond Phillips, camp leader, jokingly asked if they needed to be separated because the brothers egg each other on.

The next food trial would be conducted between and Holly Montag, who have both already proven themselves as able competitors in the challenges. Dinner would be a full Mexican spread - re-fried beans, plenty of veggies, tortillas, and all the trimmings.

While suspended on top of cables, the two had to zip along lines while pushing baskets. This was done in an effort to grab plastic food items which were dangling on different wires. Sanjaya moved steadily but not with undue haste - he said more than once that the cart was very heavy. Malakar managed to grab nine items during the allotted time limit.

Holly followed after him for her shot at the three-minute trial. When strolled along with a cool head and a good strategy, she proved herself as a strong and fearless competitor. Female host Myleene Klass cheered her on as she zipped along, grabbing five items in total. Though slower, Holly performed well up there among the treetops.

Each celeb shared the story of their big break. was spied at a wrestling match (her boyfriend was a fan), and that was that. Janice’s story was amazingly long, and it’s hard to really name a single thing. Holly moved to LA with her sister after her fiance died, landing on The Hills as a result. Patti, however, couldn’t relate a story or a moment. Her fame is the result of a publicly embarrassing situation, in a sense, as her husband is facing a very dubious future. Rod R. Blagojevich, Blago to his supporters and the ex-governor of Illinois, made national news when he was impeached.

“Everything that we worked so hard for…has been totally destroyed,” Patti explained to , during a private moment in the jungle.

“They’ll never take away who you are,” he reminded.

Later, love came to the jungle. “They like each other,” Janice Dickinson observed of Sanjaya and Holly Montag. Judging by some of the clips, her observation may not be far from wrong.

Viewers were treated to the conversation between Patti and Rod next. This was a reward given to her by camp leader Lou, who got to choose two campers to touch base with loved ones back home. Joanne Baldwin, Daniel’s wife, showed off her pregnant belly. Lou also got to see his wife and baby.

Next, it was time for the hosts to reveal the results of elimination during the live feed. Lou, by virtue of his immunity win, is the only safe celeb. Sanjaya was the first to be revealed as safe, with Torrie following. Patti, however, is at risk. Holly Montag is safe, as is Stephen Baldwin. is also at risk, but camp thief Janice Dickinson is not. Daniel Baldwin was also declared to be at risk.

She was angry, on a different night, when the men enjoyed the meal Sanjaya won at the previous food trial. As the men ate Mexican, Dickinson looked on with a sour expression. The celebs did manage to share some tender moments around the fire, however. Sanjaya called Lou Diamond Phillips “the perfect father figure,” and even shed a few tears because of the strength of his emotions.

The hosts returned to the camp to pick up the live feed after this clips played. was declared safe. Daniel Baldwin was then declared to be eliminated, and he walked slowly to collect his things. I’m actually a bit of a Daniel B fan now, and sorry to see him go - he was entertainingly contentious with Janice and seemed to bring out the devil in brother Stephen.

But he’s gone now, and Janice Dickinson remains. The mystery of who took the granola bar - at least, as far as the celebs are concerned - also remains.

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