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Sunday August 23, 2009 3:39 pm

Casting Corner: Caprica, Supernatural and More

James MarstersJenna Dewan

Here’s a quick look at some of the casting announcements made recently:

Caprica: With all this talk about vampires, it’s nice to see James Marsters back in the fold. The Buffy vet will later be seen in a few episodes of the new Syfy series. Marsters has been cast as Barnabus Greeley, a “dangerous terrorist leader.” The program will unfold on January 22.

Melrose Place: Heather Locklear may still be in negotiations to join the show, but CW has plenty of other beauties already lined up. Step Up‘s Jenna Dewan has just booked herself a two episode-arc on the program. Mrs. Channing Tatum will star as a movie studio exec on the Paramount lot.

Law & Order: SVU: Scott Foley will be making a large departure from his years playing Noel Crane on Felicity. The actor will guest on the NBC drama’s fourth episode as a real estate agent who is somehow involved in a murder investigation. (Natch.) Meanwhile, Oscar nominee Rosie Perez will appear in Week 5 as the mother of a sexual abuse victim.

Supernatural: Although this won’t be reality TV, it might seem that way to Paris Hilton. The socialite will bring her talent (?) to the CW later this fall. She will play a “demonic creature that takes the form of…Paris Hilton.” The episode - titled “American Idol” will air on October 8.

Gossip Girl: Rufus and Lily might not know who their son is, but we now know the identity of Vanessa’s mom. Actress Gina Torres, who has had roles on more shows than I could possibly try to name, has been cast as Gabriela Abrams, a “free spirit” who lives “off the grid.” Torres will be a recurring figure in the series.

Lost: A number of new faces will get a chance to participate in Lost‘s last season. (Sniff.) Deadwood vet John Hawkes will get the honor of playing a man with only one name: Lennon. His “edgy and charismatic” character will work for a foreign corporation’s president. On another mysterious note, Japanese star Hiroyuki Sanada (Rush Hour 3) will have a recurring role in the final episodes.

24: The Alias baddie I always loved to hate will be clocking in on the Fox series. It’s not known how David Anders will figure into the plotline, but he will be in “a handful of episodes” according to his rep.

(To get a look at TV Envy’s 2009 Fall Programming Schedule, click here.)



Maybe it will be revealed in the course of the Supernatural episode that it’s not a demonic creature that takes the form of Paris Hilton, but actually is Paris Hilton, who has been a demonic creature all along.


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