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Thursday October 2, 2008 12:54 pm

Candidates, Take Your Corners

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In case you somehow managed to miss the banner headlines and television teasers, the Vice Presidential candidates will face off tonight. That’s right - and will share their vision for the future even as they publicly rip each other to shreds. I love the debates.

Don’t know where to watch this much-touted, long-anticipated event? Every major network, PBS, C-SPAN, CNN, FOX News and MSNBC will all be showing the coverage live - just start flipping channels and you’re bound to find it.

They’ll meet up at Washington University in St. Louis and square off on the important issues affecting the country….or, they’ll just both spit rhetoric and remain carefully ambiguous on all swing voter issues. No need to alienate all the maybes out there. Palin has been preparing for the at McCain’s Arizona retreat, while Biden has been at work in his Delaware home.

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With the Vice Presidential debates just around the corner, comedians have been having a field day. Letterman delivered a “Things Overheard at Sarah Palin’s Debate Camp” Top 10 list last night. The Number 1 spot was given to the remark “Any way we can just get to do it?” Hey, the debates are appearing on NBC!

Many are calling this particular debate historic, and in some ways that’s true. This year’s election has been more ground-breaking, more press-involved and more circus-like than any election season which has come before. But it is not the first time a woman has been on a Vice Presidential ticket.

The democrats did that twenty years ago. Geraldine Ferraro ran with Walter Mondale in 1984 (soundly beaten in a landslide by the Reagan-Bush ticket). Ferraro debated George H. W. Bush on October 11, 1984 ( offers the transcript if you’re interested).


Forum Discussion

yes, but a rather unusual area im interested in what they are doing with their money and the actions they take when a major event takes place

I love politics -- it has such a lasting and widespread impact on our lives, and politics is the one arena where you can really express your opinion and stand up for what you believe in. For awhile I even considered political science as a possible major in college, but I opted against it for a more science degree. Politics is a great topic to debate too (which I love debating) as long as you keep it civil and respect the other persons opinions. Often there are no "wrong" opinions in politics, just different ways of approaching the same problem, so all of those in Congress should realize that they're all wanting the same solution, and they need to put aside their differences and work for the common good!

lol i try not to get into debates, im too stubborn and ill deeply frustrate people XD anyway, is there any particular area of politics you guys are interested in?

I don't go either, I like to keep up-to-date with politics as it's a pretty much everyday conversation that goes on about them. So I like to keep myself informed so I don't come off as an uneducated guy. However whether you like it or not, politics are like taxes and death. They will always be around..

hehe your post made me think, sounds weird to say im interested even though i dont stay up to date but u cant really say ur interested in politics as a whole, because there are so many aspects to keep track of its like sports, usually ur interest in a particular one, or multiple but not every single one

I sometimes am and sometimes i just don't give a crap,so i think im undecided.man i need to make up my mind.i don't want democrats to win though,i find them lazy (im lazy too,but its different).Dont know why.

I personally do not like politics because I find it, yes, a tad confusing and boring. I think politics is important in our lives, but learning about it? Oh wow, I get totally zoned out and well, I end up not paying attention. So, you guys can all guess that I don't read the politics section in the newspaper. ;)

Not really to much debating going on. People lie to get what they want to much drama for me. I really was never into politics. Democrat, Republican who really cares, I dont. To much of a big deal for me and I can live my life without it. You vote them in and they still make the same mistakes as others have in the past or do whatever they want and forget about the people so I dont pay any attention to them.

well the way i see it, of course every pres will mess up somewhat because we have high standards but when you think about it, every decision to a 2 sided problem will be critisized by everyone send troops to iraq? were making war for no reason and families are getting killed dont send them? were not doing enough and practically letting terrorists do what they want with no consequences

I actually don't like politics at all.There are obvious reasons for that.But not all country's political system is same.In our case, nearly everyone is corrupted. :(

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