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Thursday June 12, 2008 2:01 pm

Brody Jenner Seeks Bromance

Brody Jenner is on the hunt for bromanceFans of MTV’s “reality show” The Hills have reason to rejoice this week.

The show’s star, Brody Jenner has just been given his own MTV show, titled Bromance, where he plans to invite male contestants who “will compete in various group and individual activities that will test their trust, reliability, and compatibility” with him.

Sounds a little too much like Paris Hilton’s upcoming show, no?

Jenner will also be working as the executive producer for show with none other than…

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Hollywood Reporter

Ryan Seacrest! As if that guy doesn’t have enough jobs (I swear he has to be half-cyborg or something).

“I am eager to have the opportunity to work with … Ryan Seacrest and MTV, and produce a series that is unique and will resonate with audiences everywhere,” Jenner said. Right, because his reality show sounds absolutely ground-breaking.

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I honestly have no idea what women see in this guy.


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