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Monday August 6, 2007 4:40 am

Big Names Booked at Comedy Central

Jon StewartComedy Central’s , best known for tongue-in-cheek humor on the satirical , is getting attention from everywhere recently. Not only has Stewart’s show been nominated for an Emmy, but the host also recently turned down a network gig with NBC. Upcoming guests for The Daily Show include four Presidential candidates: Senator Joseph Biden (D – Del.), who has already appeared on the show once; John McCain (R), who will make his tenth appearance on the show August 16; Tommy Thompson (R – for. Gov. Wisc.) will appear on August 20; and Barack Obama (one of the heavyweight Democratic contenders) will make his second appearance on August 22.  The month promises to be full of candidates, coverage on the primary debates, and the jokes that make even this political mess fun.

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The Daily Show has an open invitation to all candidates, and many have already responded to the call. The Presidential coverage on both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report gives viewers the chance to laugh under the “Indecision 2008” banner, which gives both hosts the chance to sound off about the candidates, the debates, and all the other political coverage out there. The Daily Show will travel to Republican and Democratic conventions for a full week of shows next year, while The Colbert Report will travel to South Carolina when the state holds its primary election. Comedy Central also plans to sponsor a politically-themed concert tour next year, which will include comedian Lewis Black, but neither beloved host.

Other candidates who have already appeared on The Daily Show include Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, and John Edwards. Bill Clinton was on the show in 2006, but Hilary Clinton has never been a guest. More and more viewers are turning to irreverent shows, like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, to get their news and political updates, showing that humor does mix with politics, and the rush to the White House is perhaps best seasoned with laughter.



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