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Saturday February 23, 2008 3:21 pm

Big Brother 9: Two House Guests Rushed To The Hospital

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Big Brother 9I’m starting to firmly believe that the house is cursed. First there was the Autism controversy that convinced Lowes to yank its advertising, then a massive brawl that was mostly too offensive to show on network TV, and finally a contestant’s gay porn career was revealed on the internet.  Now we’ve learned two of the contestants in the house had to be rushed to the hospital last night in two separate medical emergencies.

Amanda, a 23-year old paralegal from Minnesota, collapsed and began having seizures. She is reportedly hypoglycemic and wasn’t getting enough nutrition due to some type of food restriction that hasn’t been explained yet in the version of the show. (As I’ve mentioned before, cameras from the house stream live footage 24/7 to people who pay to subscribe.)  Other house guests had to activate what’s called the “panic button” reserved for real-life emergencies. That button contacts police and/or fire personnel.

The clip of Amanda’s seizure is almost too disturbing to watch which, of course, has made it an instant hit on .  (You can see some of that video after the jump.)

Another house guest, Allison, also left the BB9 house in an ambulance last night. The 26-year old drug company sales representative reportedly had a severe allergic reaction to something she ate, possibly a peanut.

We understand that both women are now back in the Big Brother house and whatever food restriction they were under has been lifted for a 24-hour period.

No word yet if either incidents will be edited into the next Big Brother 9 show set to air Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.



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