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Wednesday February 20, 2008 11:11 am

Big Brother 9: Neil Leaves Unexpectedly, Sharon Comes Back

Big brother logoTuesday night’s show was pretty much a throw away except for two slight twists to the game that the producers probably weren’t counting on.

We were told that Neil, who is paired up with mouthy Joshuah from Texas, had to leave the show for ‘urgent personal reasons’. It is still unclear exactly why the 29-year old real estate agent from California left.  In his place Big Brother brought back Sharon who was evicted on the second night with her partner and ex-boyfriend Jacob.

The show sequestered Sharon and Jacob after their eviction so apparently she walked back into the house knowing nothing of what has gone on either on the show or in the real-world. Subscribers to the 24/7 live Big Brother 9 feed are obviously not surprised by this turn of events since they’ve seen Sharon walking around the Big Brother house around for days.

One future problem for Sharon may be her obligation to Joshuah. During last night’s show he told Sharon that she owes him a lot since he did her a huge favor in choosing Sharon over Jacob to bring back to the show as his partner. As thousands of people have already seen in a now infamous video showing Joshuah in a knock-down drag-out fight with Amanda. Joshuah make lack some self-control and at the very least has a vicious potty mouth.

Other issues brought up last night: Head of Household couple Alex and Amanda are on the outs in part because of her growing attraction to celebrity photographer Parker (Jen’s partner). Alex also has decided that there just might be such a thing as showing too much skin. He told her he doesn’t like how much she flaunts her body or her penchant for booty shorts (make this fashion trend die, someone please). Amanda is frustrated by how “mean” he is to her and uncomfortable with how much he wants to cuddle at night. She took our her frustrations by giving and receiving an oily body massage with Parker.

Ryan and Jen, the only real-life couple in the Big Brother house decided their desire to be intimate after two longs weeks trumped their need for a romantic or hygienic setting. They had sex in one of the bathrooms. Jen’s partner Parker was disturbed saying he didn’t want a “funky” Jen to crawl back into bed with him.

Sheila and Allison continue their pointless ruse of telling people they are a married lesbian couple with an adopted son. James decides to follow more clues to determine if there are any other real couples in the house they don’t already know about. His investigation leads him to the guinea pig’s cage where he sees an interlocking toy made of four colors. He deduces that the toy stands for four, real couples in the house: Jen and Ryan, Sharon and Jacob, Sheila and Allison and possibly Parker and Amanda. Amanda and Parker throw a fit and insist they’ve never met before. At this point it still appears that there are only two real couples and that James should stick to homeless bike-riding not the private eye business.

A bit later we see the first “Power of Veto” competition. 8 house guests play including the two nominated couples, HOH couple and a wild-card couple, Natalie and Matt. Natalie and Matt win power of veto after he spins her on a giant rotating disc 200 times (don’t ask). Matt tells Parker he’‘ll use the veto to save him and Jen. Liar, liar manpris on fire.  When it comes down to it Natalie and Matt don’t use the veto. Matt says he would have saved Parker if he wasn’t partners with super-annoying Jen. That means either Ryan and Allison or Parker and Jen will go home after tonight’s live eviction show, Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on .



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