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Wednesday February 20, 2008 11:43 pm

Big Brother 9: Jen and Parker Sent Packing

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Big Brother 9 is living up to its subtitle: ‘Til Death Do You Part. Tonight photographer Parker paid for his partner Jen’s sins in the Big Brother house when both were sent packing in the second eviction. James and Chelsia moved from their roles as extras to lead characters after they won Head of Household. The house guests lost and gained a few oddball privileges and Joshuah went a few words too far in his attacks on house gossip Amanda.

The partially live show (on the East Coast at least) began with a montage of the many faces of Amanda, the 23-year-old paralegal from Minnesota. She can’t seem to keep her mouth shut and when cornered isn’t above swearing on her dead father’s name and the bible to be redeemed. These tendencies put her on the receiving end of what’s being called the ‘biggest fight in Big Brother history’. Most of the fight scene is completely unfit for network TV, but in the few clean sections we see Chelsia confronting Amanda and Amanda denying she’d said anything about her. Then media advertising buyer Joshuah joined the fight and ramped up the vitriol, saying everyone in the house hates Amanda including her partner Alex. He called Amanda an ugly horse-face and about the most offensive name you can call a woman. Here is a hint: the word starts with “c” and said it on the Today show the other day.

As Amanda stormed away from the other house guests someone commented that she acts like a saint who is never guilty. Someone else said “give her a halo”. Then Chelsia replied “give her a noose” to which Joshuah muttered “like her Dad”. (Amanda’s father committed suicide about two years ago.) The mean-spirited comment sent Amanda over the edge. She ended up naked in a bubble bath with a crowd of other house guests trying to comfort her. Joshuah’s comment may have also sent her self-esteem for a loop. She asked Parker, who was kindly trying to comfort her, “Do you think I’m ugly?”

Jen was another house guest caught talking out of school about other guests - only this time it was her own boyfriend of 10 months, Ryan. In a conversation with Sheila, she called Ryan a “racist” and said that he wasn’t comfortable with the fact that she’d dated someone from another race in the past. Sheila warned Ryan that he’d be in for a shock when he found out some of the things his girlfriend had said about him. Ryan urged Sheila to spill the beans and she did. Ryan immediately confronted Jen who lied like a rug and said she’d only mentioned that he had “race issues” and that it really wasn’t a big deal. (Note to Jen: cameras and microphones, it is all in the contract.) Ryan reminded Jen that labeling him a racist could have far bigger implications outside the Big Brother house. It is refreshing to know that at least one of the house guests remembers that they’ll have lives that will go on anonymously AFTER Big Brother so they should be careful what they say and do on the inside.

As for the vote to evict. It appears that Chelsia and James, Joshuah and Sharon and Adam and Sheila voted to evict Jen and Parker (though it should be noted that at first Adam wanted them to stay). Matt and Natalie voted to evict Allison and Ryan instead. So Jen and Parker are gone.

Big Brother 9, JenBig Brother 9, Parker

As mentioned before Chelsia and James won Head of Household in a challenge that also had the house guests losing and gaining a few privileges. They lost hot water for a few days, drinking cups for a week, and the use of a washing machine or dryer for two weeks (inexplicably they chose exercise equipment over fresh smelling clothes). In that same HOH challenge, they did agree that the women would wear bathing suits all day for a few days, the women would cook dinner every night for a week and the house guests will get a margarita party - though one that won’t include drinking cups.

Next up: HOH couple Chelsia and “Crazy” James nominate two other couples for eviction. The next Big Brother 9 airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on . If you have premium cable you can also see an uncensored version on every night from 12 a.m. until 3 a.m.



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