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Monday February 18, 2008 2:15 pm

Big Brother 9: Autism Group Demands Apology From CBS

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Big Brother 9 AdamUPDATE: CBS officials issued the following statement in regards to controversial statements made about children with developmental disabilities by a house guest on Big Brother 9:

“We certainly find the statements made by Adam to be offensive, but believe they were countered by the immediate reaction of shock and condemnation from a fellow houseguest, Sheila [Kennedy]. Adam’s remarks would not have been permitted to air unchallenged.”

An offensive comment made by one of the contestants on TV’s has a national autism group demanding an apology from . Even more troubling, the man who made the comment is described on CBS’ website as a public relations manager for a Florida-based autism group.

The comment was made during the Season 9 premiere last Tuesday. John Gilmore, executive director of a different group called , says he has been trying to talk to CBS about the gaffe since the show aired but has had no luck. Now the group is trying to convince CBS advertisers to turn up the heat on the network.

The incident in question happened while , who says he works for the (UNIAF), was talking about how he would spend his Big Brother winnings. He told his partner on the show, Sheila, that he would use them to open a hair salon for people with developmental disabilities “so them retards can get it together and get their hair done.” The politically-insensitive word shocked Sheila, a 45-year-old former Penthouse Pet. She immediately demanded that he not use that term. Jasinski simply replied that he works with disabled kids all day long so it is okay.

So far CBS has not made an offical statement about the 29-year-old’s comment or why they were edited into that episode of Big Brother 9, particularly since the shows that have aired so far have not been live broadcasts.

The UNIAF has not made any comment either. The UNIAF’s website homepage still talks about Jasinski’s attempt to raise money for the foundation via Big Brother 9 but does not mention the controversy or whether he has been removed from his position with the group. Very little information exists about the UNIAF outside of the website which appears to mostly be a store front to sell Jasinski related goods.

The public’s response, at least in cyberspace, has been mostly outrage. Many viewers have written to CBS to demand Jasinski be kicked off the show and an apology be made on his behalf.

Oddly enough, Jasinski and his partner in the house, Sheila, could have been evicted after the comment was made. Instead another couple was sent packing.  That was the choice of the so-called “power couple” Parker and Jen because evictee Ryan offended Parker by calling him a snake.

We’ll see what happens. The next Big Brother 9 airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.



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