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Tuesday July 8, 2008 12:19 pm

Big Brother 10 Cast Revealed

Big Brother 10 logo“Somebody for everyone.” That’s how executive producer Allison Grodner describes the cast of CBS’ .

After a slide in ratings in the past few installments of the long-running reality show, is returning to its roots of throwing actual strangers from all walks of life into one pretend house. This time around producers assure viewers there will be no ex-lovers, no secret father-daughter pairs or long-lost siblings. This is the first time house guests have been true strangers since the third season. (You can see a video clip with the latest contestants after the jump.)

Other than that though, the premise is the same. 13 people try to lie, cheat and steal their way to the $500,000 prize while their every move is monitored by 50 cameras for three months. The producers insist there will be twists, but past relationships aren’t among them.

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The producers are also sensitive to bad behavior of seasons past. Last season, for instance, contestant referred to autistic children as “retards” during a conversation with other house guests. That conversation was edited into a non-live show raising ethical questions for CBS in a genre not known for its ethics.  Oddly enough, Jasinski went on to win Big Brother 9 but lost his job at an autism non-profit group.

So far this season’s contestants do seem at least vaguely aware of how their actions inside the surreal world of the Big Brother house might come back to haunt them in real life. “If you make a mistake and say the wrong things, you may offend people and be known for that forever,” Season 10 contestant Steven Daigle admitted to the Associated Press.

Here is what we know about the contestants so far:

  • Michelle Costa: Costa is 28, a real estate agent from Cumberland, R.I. Her most unique item packed is listed as crossword puzzles. Party!
  • Steven Daigle: Daigle is 35. He is decribed as a geographic consultant from Dallas, TX. He is also a gay rodeo rider. Yes,  something for everyone.
  • April Dowling: Dowling is 30, a car dealership finance manager from Higley, Arizona. Dowling once spent 15 days in a tent city jail for drunk-driving charges. She hopes the Big Brother experience will help remedy some of her obsessive-compulsive behaviors. (Just law of averages but I’m guessing some of the 12 other house guests will be slobs, it could get ugly for her.)
  • Robert “Memphis” Garrett: Garrett is 25. He is described as a mixologist (bartender?) and party planner from Los Angeles. (I’m truly hoping he lives up to my theory about never trusting anyone who has part of his name in quotes!)
  • Dan Gheesling: Gheesling is 24, a private high school teacher from Dearborn, MI.
  • Jessie Godderz: Godderz is 22, a bodybuilder from Huntington Beach, CA. His most unique item packed was listed as ‘posing shorts’. Yikes.
  • Brian Hart: Hart is 27, a telecommunication account manager from San Francisco.
  • Jerry MacDonald: Finally! Someone over 50! MacDonald is 75, a retired marketing executive and ex-Marine from Magnolia, TX. He’ll be the oldest Big Brotherhouse guest ever.
  • Renny Martyn: Martyn is 53, a hair salon owner from Metairie, LA. Her ‘most unique’ item packed is listed as an animal mask. This worries me.
  • Bryan Ollie: Ollie is 27 and a marketing sales representative from Bloomington, MN.
  • Keesha Smith: Smith is 29 and a Hooters waitress from Burbank, CA. Meet the boob factor.
  • Angie Swindell: Swindell is also 29. She is a pharmaceutical sales representative from Orlando, FL. Her ‘most unique’ item packed was nine cartons of cigarettes. Chain smokers do make for good TV.
  • Libra Thompson: Thompson is 31, a human resources representative from Spring, TX. She will leave behind 3 small children including 4-month-old twins to compete in the Big Brother house. Can you say ‘post-partum depression’?

With these varying ages and life experiences it seems, at least for now, that Big Brother 10 won’t devolve into the same ‘Girls Gone Wild’-esque debacle of seasons’ past. The question is, though, will there be enough sex appeal and intrigue to make the show worth watching three nights a week? That remains to be seen. The new season of Big Brother kicks of July 13 on .



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